Annual Report



Community Partners and Supporters,

“Unexpected.” You might say that was the word of 2017.

No one could have expected how much Hurricane Harvey would damage the place we call home.

Nor could we have predicted how our partners’ efforts up until the storm would prove so vital in disaster response and recovery.

Who could have known

  • that a group of arts services organizations would band together to form a first-of-its-kind arts recovery effort?
  • how badly our students would need the wide range of supports that HISD and ProUnitas would make more accessible to them?
  • what a vital role the Houston Immigration Legal Services Collaborative would play in supporting undocumented residents in the aftermath of the costliest hurricane in Houston’s history?
  • that a natural disaster would cause the release of nearly 4,000 tons of air pollution in our region – and that local environmental organizations would ensure that that story made the news?


At Houston Endowment, our funding is an investment in our community. We try to place all of our resources where they will have the greatest impact. But sometimes our partners’ impact exceeds everyone’s expectations.

Harvey shed new light on existing vulnerabilities. We have redoubled our efforts to address these issues. We aim to increase the resiliency of the region by investing in long-term solutions that treat problems at their roots and by bringing to light accurate, actionable information that can engage the public and guide decision-makers.

Yes, Harvey left behind heartbreak. It also highlighted our incredible community and the importance of partnership in everything we do — which was as essential as ever in our 80th anniversary year.

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about the impressive work of our partners that every day brings us closer to a vibrant region where all have the opportunity to thrive.

Ann B Stern
Ann B. Stern

P.S. Based on your feedback, we look forward to communicating with you much more often via more frequent updates to this website and new communication channels.



Achieving Impact

In order to have the greatest impact possible, we leverage the endowment's resources in a variety of ways.

Providing Actionable Information

We believe it’s important to further our understanding of the facts surrounding critical issues. We also value sharing what we learn.

Investing in Our Community

In 2017, we awarded more than $79 million in funding to more than 130 organizations.