Organizations that have not yet been invited by one of our program officers to submit a full application may complete a pre-application via GivingData. You will be asked to answer a few general questions as the first step in the submission process.

The pre-application allows you to provide us with basic information so that the program team may evaluate your idea. If we think there is possible alignment with our priorities, a staff member will contact you and invite you to complete a full application.


Submitting a Pre-Application

Step One: Review your organization’s eligibility.

Step Two: Review our current focus areas and frequently asked questions.

Step Three: Prepare to complete a pre-application by:

  • Previewing information requested in a pre-application
  • Reviewing our Pre-Application Guide, which contains detailed information on how to access GivingData, create and manage login credentials, and troubleshoot issues
  • Creating an account and logging on to the GivingData portal


Applicants will receive acknowledgment via email confirming receipt of online submissions. The foundation will contact applicants to request any additional information needed.

Please note that submitting a pre-application does not guarantee that an invitation to complete a full application will be extended.

Status markers for pre-applications

Applicants will be able to see within their GivingData accounts their pre-applications’ status, e.g. “In Progress,” “Submitted,” “Received,” or “Accepted.”

Please note: “Accepted” means that foundation staff members have reviewed the pre-application form for completeness, and it will now be put through the process for consideration. It does not mean that a decision to extend an invitation for a full application has been made, nor does it mean a funding decision has been made.


Following review of the pre-application, program officers will either invite a full application or notify the applicant that their pre-application has been declined.

You will typically receive a decision by email within three months.

Please note that an invitation to complete a full application does not guarantee funding.

Additional Notes

Due to the large number of inquiries, staff members are not able to provide feedback about declined pre-applications after a decision has been made.

After five declined pre-applications, an organization will not be able to submit any additional pre-applications. If your organization would like to apply again following five declined pre-applications, please contact the vice president for programs for assistance.