Applicants will need to select the type of investment that best aligns with the purpose of the grant requested. A brief description of each investment type can be found below, with links to more detailed descriptions and application questions.

Potential applicants should note that the application questions for each grant type are part of a broader application process; applicants will be asked to provide further information or respond to additional questions as part of our comprehensive due diligence process. (See “How to Apply” for additional information on the grant application process.)

Building Capacity

Building Capacity grants are for efforts intended to strengthen organizations by expanding institutional knowledge, skills or abilities that will be maintained over time. This effort must be likely to lead to demonstrably better results for the people the organization serves.


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Capital Improvement

Capital Improvement grants are for the acquisition, construction or improvement of a physical asset that is critical in order to obtain demonstrably better results for the people the organization serves.


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General Operating Support

General Operating Support grants are unrestricted funds for organizations that are strongly aligned with the program goals of the foundation and operate effectively with ambitious, clearly defined strategic priorities that benefit the greater Houston area.


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Project Support

Project Support grants are for programs or projects sponsored by entities that have a verifiable record of success leading to measurable results. Existing programs, expanding programs, new programs and one-time projects are eligible.


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Public Policy and Engagement

Public Policy and Engagement grants are for efforts to inform public decision-making and improve the public’s ability to address a specific issue affecting a clearly defined population. Examples include community engagement activities, efforts to educate stakeholders and policymakers and public awareness initiatives. At a minimum, applications must demonstrate that the proposed effort is well researched and will lead to benefits for the defined population.


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Research grants are for investigations that provide actionable data on a particular field through objective analysis of a specific system, issue or condition that affects greater Houston or its residents. At a minimum, applications must demonstrate that the proposed research is rigorously designed and will have the potential to make a significant impact on the system, issue or condition being investigated.


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