University Leadership Network

The University Leadership Network at the University of Texas at Austin challenges the assumption that many low-income or first-generation college students leave school because they aren’t cut out for college.

Houston in Action

Houston in Action members are coordinating to increase the region’s capacity to plan for future needs, self-organize, and empower residents to be effective advocates – regardless of their political affiliation or the issues they care about.

Good Reason Houston

Good Reason Houston is working to ensure that every child, in every neighborhood in Houston can excel in a great school.

Providing Good Information to Decision-Makers

With so many special interests competing for decision-makers’ attention, we believe philanthropy has an important role to play in making sure elected officials and other leaders have good information – both in the form of data and in firsthand accounts from the people their decisions affect.

Wraparound services

We believe that a strong education is the foundation for a fulfilling life; that students are best served when schools work in partnership with youth, parents, educators and the community to meet their needs -- both academic and non-academic.

Harvey Arts Recovery

We believe in the value of art for art’s sake. We believe there is a deep connection between the arts and other social challenges; that elevating Houston’s culture is central to our work to advance equity and enhance vibrancy; that beauty, hope, joy, tolerance, inspiration are essential to a healthy, sustainable and just society.

One Breath Partnership

We believe that it is essential to preserve valuable natural resources – like our air, land and water – as our region grows so that all residents can thrive; that a healthy environment is a critical component of a strong, resilient region.


Houston Endowment and Kinder Foundation partner with SPARK to create neighborhood parks in communities across greater Houston

Harris County Dual Status Youth Initiative

Houston Endowment has invested more than $2 million in a coordinated set of grants to support the Harris County Dual Status Youth Initiative, aimed at improving outcomes for youth involved in both the child welfare and juvenile justice systems.

Improving Greater Houston’s Air Quality

A unique collaboration among several partners aims to improve air quality by engaging the public. Houston Endowment is providing over $1.6 million in support for a comprehensive media campaign to make air quality information more accessible, actionable and easier to understand.

Spring Branch Independent School District

Houston Endowment supports area school systems pursuing unique opportunities to improve education outcomes for all students. The foundation awarded Spring Branch Independent School District a grant to help build the capacity of the district to execute its new strategic plan.