Providing Good Information to Decision-Makers

With so many special interests competing for decision-makers’ attention, we believe philanthropy has an important role to play in making sure elected officials and other leaders have good information – both in the form of data and in firsthand accounts from the people their decisions affect.

Wraparound services

We believe that a strong education is the foundation for a fulfilling life; that students are best served when schools work in partnership with youth, parents, educators and the community to meet their needs -- both academic and non-academic.

Harvey Arts Recovery

We believe in the value of art for art’s sake. We believe there is a deep connection between the arts and other social challenges; that elevating Houston’s culture is central to our work to advance equity and enhance vibrancy; that beauty, hope, joy, tolerance, inspiration are essential to a healthy, sustainable and just society.

One Breath Partnership

We believe that it is essential to preserve valuable natural resources – like our air, land and water – as our region grows so that all residents can thrive; that a healthy environment is a critical component of a strong, resilient region.