Spring Branch Independent School District

Houston Endowment supports area school systems pursuing unique opportunities to improve education outcomes for all students. The foundation awarded Spring Branch Independent School District a grant to help build the capacity of the district to execute its new strategic plan.


Effective School Systems

Promote school systems that effectively educate all students

Our region’s future depends on every child having access to excellent public education. Yet today, an excellent education is not equitably available. Too many of our students are not graduating from high school ready to succeed in postsecondary education. We support initiatives that enhance educational outcomes for all children.

The foundation invests in initiatives that:

  • Support innovation and growth within high-performing school systems
  • Build capacity in communities and schools to provide effective and aligned support for student success
  • Equip leaders with high-quality research and data to inform decision-making

Great Teachers

Increase the number of highly effective teachers and school leaders

Numerous studies point to the impact of teacher quality on student achievement. However, our region’s teacher pipeline is strained by a shortage of new teachers, diminishing preparation programs, and a lack of diverse candidates. We support initiatives that strengthen the effectiveness of Houston’s teachers, with particular emphasis on systems-level solutions.

The foundation invests in initiatives that:

  • Strengthen the pipeline of effective new teachers and school leaders in the region
  • Increase the diversity of the teacher candidate pool
  • Promote system-level approaches to teacher and school leader training to advance student success
  • Increase students’ access to highly trained, supported, and effective teachers