Strong Arts Ecosystem

Build the capacity of arts organizations and strengthen greater Houston’s arts ecosystem

Greater Houston is home to a wide array of dynamic arts and cultural institutions that provide opportunities for personal enrichment; bring communities together to celebrate, reflect and learn; and contribute to civic pride and our region’s economic well-being. However, many arts organizations face challenges to operational sustainability as they pursue their missions. Houston Endowment provides support to sustain and enhance the arts sector.

The foundation currently engages in efforts to:

  • Provide innovative solutions to system challenges such as inclusion, relevance and financial sustainability;
  • Build the capacity of arts and culture organizations that contribute to sector vibrancy, resiliency and impact; and
  • Enhance public policy benefiting the greater Houston arts and culture sector.

Equitable Arts Engagement

Create opportunities for all to engage in diverse and meaningful arts and culture experiences

Exposure to the arts develops essential skills such as creativity, perception and critical thinking and contributes to positive community norms such as empathy and free expression. However, a number of geographic, socioeconomic and cultural barriers may prevent residents in our region from fully engaging in high-quality arts and cultural experiences. Houston Endowment invests in strategic initiatives to expand access to arts and culture for all residents.

The foundation currently engages in efforts to:

  • Cultivate audiences that reflect greater Houston;
  • Increase understanding of the cultural needs and interests of the broad public;
  • Expand broad-scale programming that results in greater access to high-quality, high-impact arts education for children; and
  • Infuse arts and culture into multi-sector community initiatives.


Houston Endowment and Kinder Foundation partner with SPARK to create neighborhood parks in communities across greater Houston


Park Equity

Seed and transform parks and greenspaces to increase park equity

Parks and natural landscapes provide opportunities for physical activity and social connectivity and contribute to a community’s character. Fewer than half of Houston’s residents live within the recommended 10-minute walk of a park. Houston Endowment seeks to seed and transform parks and other greenspaces that support recreation and connectivity, with emphasis on underserved areas.

The foundation currently engages in efforts to:

  • Assess the availability and condition of local parks, estimate future risks and plan for improvement;
  • Acquire, enhance and ensure access to parks and greenspaces, emphasizing underserved areas; and
  • Strengthen the capacity of organizations carrying out strategic park development.