Access to Healthcare

Increase access to comprehensive primary and preventive healthcare

Houston Endowment believes that all residents should have access to high-quality, comprehensive clinical care. A substantial portion of residents do not have health insurance and are thus less likely to access the care they need. Houstonians with mental and behavioral health challenges struggle to access treatment, and many local schools are not equipped to prevent, identify or appropriately serve students with behavioral health challenges. Too few women are able to access reproductive health services that meet standards of care, resulting in high rates of unintended pregnancy and poor maternal outcomes. Houston Endowment seeks to ensure that all residents have access to essential clinical services.

The foundation currently engages in efforts to:

  • Encourage stakeholders to ensure health insurance coverage for under-resourced
  • Align systems and policies to increase access to comprehensive mental,
    behavioral and reproductive healthcare; and
  • Coordinate across providers to improve the quality, accessibility, and
    sustainability of essential clinical services, including mental, behavioral and
    reproductive healthcare.

Effective Systems of Support

Align systems of support to provide efficient and effective services for under-resourced populations

Houston Endowment seeks to improve the systems and policies addressing under-resourced populations across the region, with a particular focus on addressing adverse childhood experiences – potentially traumatic events such as abuse, neglect or exposure to challenging family circumstances – that can have negative, lasting effects on health and well-being. We are especially interested in multi-system initiatives with the potential to positively influence regional policies and practices.

The foundation currently engages in efforts to:

  • Strengthen the social safety net for all children and under-resourced populations;
  • Support effective centers of community; and
  • Support proof-of-concept initiatives with potential to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of systems that enhance the well-being of the children of greater Houston.


The foundation currently works in the following areas:

  • Domestic violence
  • Homelessness
  • Immigration
  • Justice reform
  • Juvenile welfare

Resilient Communities

Foster resilient communities

Living in a community with access to safe and stable housing, healthy food, green spaces, high-quality education, support services and opportunities for civic engagement is necessary for personal well-being and resilience. Houston Endowment seeks to improve the well-being of people in greater Houston by helping communities strengthen and leverage their assets and mitigate the social and environmental factors that have a significant negative impact on residents.

The foundation currently engages in efforts to:

  • Mitigate barriers to health and social well-being through systems and policy change; and
  • Work collaboratively to address multiple challenges within a particular community.