Houston Flood Museum in the News

Visit Houston Public Media’s “Stories from the Storm,” a component of the Houston Flood Museum

Coming August 28, the Houston Flood Museum (HFM) will be a venue for collective remembering about Hurricane Harvey and its aftermath.

Rather than a brick-and-mortar museum, HFM will be an online, community-driven platform. It will collect memories, stories and images about our city’s relationship with water. A place for “musing,” the Flood Museum will help us to reflect on our shared history, to learn from it, to mourn what we have lost and to find inspiration about how to move together into the future.

Houston Endowment initiated and funded HFM based on a concept by Rice University assistant professor and writer Lacy M. Johnson, who serves as the project lead.

One component of the museum is already live: Houston Public Media’s “Stories from the Storm.”

Once the website has launched, HFM will give everyone who experienced Harvey the opportunity to share their own stories in their own way. The story collecting effort will be ongoing.