Russell Ramsey

Director, Learning & Evaluation

Russell directs the learning and evaluation team at the foundation. The team works to strengthen organizational impact by managing strategy development, evaluating evidence of progress toward goals, and cultivating learning habits to improve decision making.

Russell is a native Houstonian whose curiosity led him to various roles in and around K-12 school systems spanning research, policy, and practice. He taught elementary, middle, and high school in both urban and rural areas; was a school administrator, a teacher coach, and a baseball coach; worked in various research labs studying school effectiveness, Algebra instruction, and educational neuroscience; dropped in and out of a PhD program; and consulted to evaluate and improve school discipline policies and practices. Upon returning home, Russell served as Houston Endowment’s Education Program Officer before moving into his current role.

Russell holds a Bachelor of Science in psychology from Texas A&M University and a Master of Public Policy in K-12 education policy from Vanderbilt University.