Our Mission

vibrancy and
Equity of
for all

Who We Are

Houston Endowment is a place-based funder that is deeply committed to addressing our community’s most significant challenges and reducing barriers to opportunities.

We pursue bold goals through strong partnerships, community involvement, long-term thinking, and hard work so that our region and its people thrive.

Our Current Priorities

Our current priorities are to strengthen public education, increase informed civic engagement, and enhance Greater Houston’s arts, cultural organizations, and greenspaces. We believe these are essential elements for a vibrant, thriving, and inclusive community. Additionally, we stand ready to address emerging opportunities with potential to significantly advance our mission.

Our goal is for residents to have abundant opportunities to connect and create.

Our goal is to increase informed civic engagement in our region.

Our goal is to increase the number of children that graduate from high school with choices for their future.


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How We’re Using Data on Houston’s Growing Diversity to Drive Naturalization Strategies

The Migration Policy Institute recently published “Immigration and Integration in the Ever More Diverse Houston Area,” a robust report about immigrant communities in the nine-county Greater Houston area. Here, our civic engagement program team members Meghna Goswami and Gislaine Williams explain the report’s importance to their work and why it matters for the community at large.