Our Vision

We Envision
A Vibrant
Region Where
All Have The
To Thrive

Who We Are

Since 1937, we have been rooted in the success of Greater Houston.

Houston Endowment is a nonpartisan, private foundation that exists to serve the people of Greater Houston. We are inspired by the legacy of our founders, Jesse H. and Mary Gibbs Jones, and moved by the pressing needs of our community today.

Our Current Priorities

Today we invest in three priorities: strengthen public education, increase civic engagement, and enhance Greater Houston’s arts and parks. Our giving is guided by our commitment to evaluation and learning, which deepens our understanding of these areas and identifies what works. Additionally, we stand ready to address emerging opportunities and challenges with the potential to significantly advance our mission of improving the quality of life for everyone in Greater Houston.

Our goal is for residents to have abundant opportunities to connect and create.

Our goal is to increase informed civic engagement in our region.

Our goal is to increase the number of children that graduate from high school with choices for their future.


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