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We support a robust democracy, strong civic integration of immigrants, and independent local journalism.

Our community is stronger when people participate in our democracy. In 2020, only half of eligible voters in Greater Houston voted, which is far short of the national average of 67 percent. Our goal is for Greater Houston to have the highest voter turnout per capita of any major metropolitan area in the United States.

Our region is stronger when our newest residents are effectively integrated into our community. Houston is a city of immigrants, where one in three residents is foreign born and 44 percent of our children have a foreign born parent. For decades, immigrants have fueled our economy and contributed to Houston’s uniquely vibrant and diverse culture. Our goal is to ensure that new Houstonians move along the pathway to citizenship, learn how U.S. systems are organized, and gain access to critical supports.

People can civically engage more effectively when they have access to high-quality information. Independent, local journalism gives residents vital information on issues that impact their lives. Our goal is to ensure that people in the Greater Houston area have access to reliable, independent, and community-focused information.

Our Focus Areas


We support work that increases voter participation among eligible voters.

Civic Integration of Immigrants

We support work that enables effective civic integration of immigrants in Greater Houston.


We support work that enhances access to high-quality, community-focused journalism.

Our Work In Action

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