2015 Data

Total Grants Approved:
164 grants to 153 organizations

Total of Grants Approved:
(some of which will be paid in future years)

2015 new grants approved by Type of Support

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Type of Grant Number of Grants Value of Grants (USD Millions)
Capital 10 Grants $12.8
Operating Support 93 Grants $13.2
Project Support 61 Grants $47.8

Fair Market Value of Assets

We maintain a long-term view with respect to Houston Endowment’s investments. Our investment objective is to achieve returns that allow us to maintain a stable pattern of grant spending each year while continuing to grow the real value of the endowment.

Fair Market Value of Assets at Year EnD

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Year Fair Market Value of Assets at Year End
2011 $1.45B
2012 $1.54B
2013 $1.73B
2014 $1.76B
2015 $1.67B

Grant Spending

Houston Endowment determines our yearly grant spending budget using a formula based on five percent of a three-year rolling average of the endowment’s market value. The spending policy is designed to provide a relatively stable pattern of spending on grants, despite short-term markets fluctuations, and to preserve the inflation-adjusted value of the endowment in perpetuity.

Grants Paid

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Year Grants Paid (USD in Millions)
2011 $77.15
2012 $78.72
2013 $64.48
2014 $85.83
2015 $62.67

Financial Statements

Houston Endowment engages independent auditors annually to audit our financial statements.

Audited Financial Statement 2015-2014