Houston Endowment welcomes proposals from organizations that will help us drive our priorities as we work to enhance the vibrancy of greater Houston and advance equity of opportunity for the people who live here.

Organizations interested in submitting a proposal are encouraged to carefully read the information in this section in addition to reviewing our Focus Areas and current funding priorities.

Information for Applicants

Eligibility and Criteria
Information to check first before submitting an application for a grant.

How to Apply
Information about the steps in our application process.

Types of Investments
Information about the types of grants we make.

Frequently Asked Questions
Answers to questions applicants may have.

Important Updates

Routine maintenance is scheduled for Houston Endowment’s Grant Management System (GMS) portal. Maintenance will start at 5:30 PM CDT on Wednesday, June 7th and be completed by 10:00 am CDT on Tuesday, June 13th.


During the maintenance period the portal will be unavailable. New or existing applicants/grantees will not be able to 1) access the portal, 2) start a new application, 3) make changes to any existing pre or full applications, or 4) view status of any applications.


When the portal is unavailable, grantees cannot view status on any grants nor update grant reports. All work started on pre or full applications or grant reports prior to maintenance will be available once the maintenance is completed.


For additional information, contact your program officer or email grantproposal@houstonendowment.org.

Effective March 8, 2017: The Focus Areas selections in the application system now match our funding focuses as described on the Foundation’s website. When applying, applicants will choose the Focus Area option that most closely aligns with their request for funding. Please click here to review detailed descriptions of the Focus Areas.
Any Pre or Full application created prior to March 8, 2017 will display both the program category selected when the application was started and the corresponding Focus Area; please leave the program area selection when submitting the application. Contact grantproposal@houstonendowment.org if you have any questions.