Our Vision

We envision greater Houston as a vibrant community where all people have the opportunity to thrive. 

Our vision includes:

  • A thriving metropolitan area with rich cultural assets and the infrastructure to provide opportunities for all residents
  • A region that fosters a sense of engagement, inclusion and connection among its residents
  • Communities that support the stability and well-being of children and families


We believe that greater Houston will continue to thrive if it is a place where people want to live and work, where every resident has the opportunity to reach his or her potential, and where people work together to shape the region’s future.

Our Mission

Our mission is to enhance the vibrancy of greater Houston and advance equity of opportunity for the people who live here.

We believe these two concepts are inextricably linked: A vibrant region attracts and engages a thriving, diverse population, which improves quality of life and creates greater opportunity for the people who live here. Equity of opportunity helps ensure that all individuals in our community can engage and thrive, thus creating a more vibrant region.