Vibrant Arts

Build the capacity of arts organizations and strengthen greater Houston’s arts ecosystem

Houston is home to a wide array of dynamic arts and cultural institutions that contribute to civic pride and our region’s economic well-being. A vibrant arts ecosystem brings communities together to celebrate, reflect, and learn. It also creates opportunities for diverse arts and cultural experiences. We provide support to sustain and enhance the arts sector.

The foundation invests in initiatives that:

  • Sustain the sector’s vibrancy, resilience, and impact
  • Cultivate audiences that reflect Houston’s population
  • Infuse arts and culture into multi-sector community initiatives


Houston Endowment and Kinder Foundation partner with SPARK to create neighborhood parks in communities across greater Houston


vibrant parks

Seed and transform parks and greenspaces to increase park equity

Parks and natural landscapes connect us and are vital for a vibrant, engaged community. We support initiatives to make Houston one of America’s greenest cities with equitable greenspace access for all Houstonians.

The foundation invests in initiatives that:

  • Acquire, enhance, and ensure equitable access to parks and greenspaces, emphasizing underserved areas
  • Strengthen the capacity of organizations carrying out strategic park development