How We Share News about Grants

Houston Endowment features select grants and initiatives in stories on our website and elsewhere.

To help us effectively communicate about your grant, we ask that you:

  • Let us know about important grant-related milestones that may be appropriate for stories or other communication.
  • Share pictures with us of your organization’s activities. We may use these pictures on our website or in other materials that relate to our work in greater Houston. We prefer high-resolution shots (300 dpi or higher) that depict candid moments.


If you are a grantee with a program, event, or milestone you believe may be suitable for a story, please contact

Guidelines for Formally Sharing News about Your Houston Endowment Grant

We ask that grantees wait to engage in public communications (including media activities) related to support from Houston Endowment until their grant contract has been executed.

If you plan to engage in communications activities in which Houston Endowment is mentioned prominently (e.g. a press conference or press release), please notify your program officer or our communications staff at least five business days in advance of the communications activities. If you would like to include a quote from a Houston Endowment staff member, we request the right to review the draft communication in advance of publication in order to ensure that our grantmaking is presented accurately and consistently.

Please direct all media-related activities to

Acknowledging the Foundation

Your organization may wish to include mention of Houston Endowment in various materials. We do not require our grant partners to list us as a funder on their website or other publications or materials; however, we do assume that Houston Endowment will be listed among other current funders where appropriate.


Below is approved language that may be included when acknowledging Houston Endowment’s support:

  • In any mention of the foundation, omit “The” before our name and “Inc.” following it.

    The organization received a grant from Houston Endowment.

    Incorrect: The organization received a grant from The Houston Endowment.

    Not preferred: The organization received a grant from Houston Endowment Inc.


  • In grant announcements or in materials funded by Houston Endowment, such as publications, videos or websites:

    Support for this (program, conference, publication, website, article, etc.) was provided by a grant from Houston Endowment.


  • For longer descriptions of Houston Endowment, we suggest the following language:

    Houston Endowment is a private philanthropic institution that works across the community for the benefit of the people of greater Houston.

    The foundation works toward a vibrant community where every child can receive a high-quality education, every resident can engage in decisions that impact their lives, and opportunities to connect and create are plentiful. Established by Jesse H. and Mary Gibbs Jones in 1937, Houston Endowment has a rich legacy of addressing some of Greater Houston’s most compelling needs. Today the foundation continues efforts to create a vibrant community where all have the opportunity to thrive.

Grant partners may use Houston Endowment logos in print or online materials. Please do not use logos or images taken from our website or other publications; generally these versions are of low resolution. To request the Houston Endowment logo in an appropriate format, please email

Linking to Houston Endowment’s Website

Requests to link to the Houston Endowment website are handled on a case-by-case basis.

Note on Gifts and Awards

Houston Endowment welcomes formal acknowledgment of the foundation’s support when doing so serves an organization’s strategies. However, we ask that grantees not present awards, honors or special recognition to the foundation or individual staff members as a way of recognizing that support. We prefer that our grantees themselves be the focus of recognition for the work that they do.