The information below is general and will apply to most grants. If this information contradicts terms of your contract, please contact your program officer.


Grant contracts cover items such as:

  • Purpose of the approved funding
  • Reporting requirements and due dates
  • Payment schedule
  • Maintained IRS charitable status

Execution of Grant Contract

The Houston Endowment signee is Ann B. Stern, President and CEO.

The contract is a legal document, and, therefore, the signee of the grant contract must be an authorized representative of that organization.

The grantee signee typically is the most senior paid staff person at the organization: the Executive Director, President, CEO or designee.

At present, the foundation requires execution of the contract with original signatures. Receipt of the signed contract with original signatures is typically required prior to the first payment on the grant.

Grant contracts provide information on the required deliverables (such as reports and contingencies) during the term of the grant. Click here for more information on grantee reports.

For assistance regarding who can sign the contract or regarding the timing of the first payment, please email and provide the organization’s name along with a brief explanation of the assistance needed.

Changes to Terms

A grantee may not make changes to the terms of the grant without the advance authorization of the foundation. Any unauthorized change in terms may result in the cancellation of the grant. Should a grant be cancelled, any unspent/unpaid funds will likely be forfeited.

Examples of change in terms include, but are not limited to:

  • Changes to the organization, such as change in leadership or change in tax status
  • Changes to the budget
  • Unspent funds from the previous payment
  • Changes to the purpose of the grant
  • Use of the funding for something other than what was approved
  • Inability to provide deliverables (such as the report or contingency items) per terms of the contract
  • Transfer of the grant to another organization


Houston Endowment requires the grantee to contact the program officer to discuss any changes to the grant. We request notice of proposed changes at least two months in advance of the proposed change.