Effective August 2019: Please note that Houston Endowment has transitioned to a new grants management system (and grantee portal) called GivingData.
We request that all reporting requirements now be submitted through our new system.
Approximately 30 days before your report is due, you will receive an email with instructions on how to activate your grantee portal account in the new system. Please be sure to add the following email addresses to your “safe list” to ensure that you receive all future notifications from our new system: mail@givingdata.com and noreply@givingdata.com.
If you have questions about an upcoming report requirement, please email grantsupport@houstonendowment.org or call 713-238-8150.

Houston Endowment requires grantees to provide regular, written updates in the form of grant reports. Your GivingData account and your contract will contain full details about the reports required for your grant.

Reports are typically due to your program officer 60 days prior to the next potential date of payment. If the grant term is for two or three years, the grantee agrees to furnish Houston Endowment annual written reports, with a final report being due one year from the date of funding the final payment.


In grant reports, Houston Endowment asks grantees to provide general information about the budget for the specific program, project or effort for which funding was awarded, and an update on the specific project or program.


  1. Funds awarded
  2. Grant purpose
  3. Grant funds received from Houston Endowment this past year
  4. Grant funds from Houston Endowment expended this past year
  5. Funds remaining
  6. If you have unspent funds, by when do you plan to spend them?
  7. If you have funds remaining, please list, with amounts, how you intend to use them.


  1. Since the last payment, has there been:
    1. A change in the organization’s tax-exempt status? (Yes/No)
    2. An inability to expend the grant funds for the agreed-upon purpose? (Yes/No)
    3. Any expenditure from grant funds not made in furtherance of the agreed-upon purpose? (Yes/No)
    4. A change in 20% or more of the organization’s board members? (Yes/No)
    5. A change in organizational leadership? (Yes/No)
    6. A change in address or contact information? (Yes/No)
    7. A change in leadership of the project for which funds were granted? (Yes/No)
    8. Any adverse event which may affect ongoing operations? (Yes/No)
  2. If you responded yes to any of the questions above, please explain. You may also submit supplementary documentation if desired.


  1. Please provide a general update on the work of your organization since you last applied or reported.
  2. Provide an update on the specific project or program for which you received funding. Has the project or program been completed? If so, provide a summary of the work that was accomplished and the benefits currently being provided as a result. If the project or program has not been completed, provide a report on the progress of the initiative thus far and detail what work remains.
  3. Share any additional learnings or opportunities that you would like to bring to Houston Endowment’s attention.


Occasionally the program officer will add one or more questions unique to a program or project funding. Any additional questions will be included when accessing the report.


*For grants awarded February 2019 or after, questions may vary. Please contact your program officer for more information.