Typically, Houston Endowment requires grantees to provide regular, written updates in the form of grant reports. Information regarding the reports required for each approved grant is available within the organization’s GMS account and within the grant contract.

Please log in to GMS to view the list of approved grants, upcoming reports and their due dates (reports are typically due to your program officer 60 days prior to the next potential date of payment). If the grant term is for two or three years, the grantee agrees to furnish Houston Endowment annual written reports, with a final report being due one year from the date of funding the final payment.

For detailed information on using GMS, including accessing and submitting reports, please download our Guide to Using GMS.


In grant reports, Houston Endowment grant partners are typically asked to provide general information about their organization and its budget; the budget for the specific program, project or effort for which funding was awarded; and an update on the specific project or program. Please see below for typical grant report components and questions.


  1. Organization Name, Grant Purpose Statement, Report Due Date, Report Date Submitted
  2. Organization Budget, Budget Fiscal Year, Operating Expense Total Amount, Operating Revenue Amount


  1. Total Project Budget Amount, Total Project Expense Amount, Total Project Revenue Amount, Total Funds Received Amount, Funds Remaining Amount


  1. Please outline and describe any significant changes to your organization (leadership, major programming, financial position, etc.) since you received this grant.
  2. Please provide a general update on the work of your organization since you last applied or reported.
  3. Provide an update on the specific project or program for which you received funding. Has the project or program been completed? If so, provide a summary of the work that was accomplished and the benefits currently being provided as a result. If the project or program has not been completed, provide a report on the progress of the initiative thus far and detail what work remains.
  4. Share any additional learnings or opportunities that you would like to bring to Houston Endowment’s attention.


Occasionally the program officer will add one or more questions unique to a particular program or project funding. Any additional questions will be included when accessing the report via GMS.