Dear Partners:

On behalf of Houston Endowment, we want to say first that we hope you, your loved ones, and your colleagues are – and continue to remain – safe and healthy in light of the outbreak of Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19). We understand how stressful this time is for everyone, especially for our partners who are serving those most in need. We also know that this everchanging situation may impact the manner in which you are doing your work. If you have an active grant with the Houston Endowment and have questions about this grant, including whether circumstances warrant a rethinking of the grant’s original purpose, activities or timeline, please reach out directly to your program officer.

We do not intend to add additional stress to you or your organization as we anticipate that you may be carrying out your work differently, and that there may be interruptions in your usual routines in the coming weeks. Therefore, if you have grant reports or other deliverables due in March, April, or May, your program officer will reach out to you regarding granting an extension.

Lastly, we want you, your staff, and those you serve to stay safe. If you were planning to hold in-person meetings, gatherings, or public convenings in the coming weeks to advance work related to an active Houston Endowment grant, we understand that it may no longer be possible, and we do not expect and are not requiring you to hold these events.

Although we will be working remotely, we are available by email and our usual office phone numbers. We appreciate your patience in the event we are delayed in responding. As circumstances evolve, and as it warrants, we will provide you with additional updates.

Ann B. Stern
President and CEO