Salvation is MY Heart on Display

The inaugural exhibition of the Jones Artist Awards Program, Salvation is my heart on display featured the work of four artists who present gestures of embrace, images of togetherness, and depictions of people in their homes and places of comfort beyond the harsh lens of the outside world. Using a range of media including photography, painting, ceramics, and printmaking and addressing topics such as racism, colorism, parenting, and the complexities of human interaction, these artists imbue their work with a deep emotional energy, focusing on tender, personal moments of connection that serve as a source of healing and renewal.

Exhibition Dates: April – July 2023

Shavon Morris


Jakayla Monay

Army Dad; A Mother’s Guidance; Paper Planes & Dreams; Breakfast at Denny’s; Golden Baptism (Rebirth); Like Father, Like Son

Raul Rene Gonzalez

Doing Werk Series; Artist-Parent Series

Jessica Phillips

Stuck; Tolerances; Mama Mama Mama Mama; The Things We Share

All photos by Lawrence Elizabeth Knox.