A Message From Houston Endowment

Dear Community Partners and Supporters,

As 2021 concludes, I imagine many are coping with exhaustion from another challenging year. Like the last, this year has had disconcerting headlines and hardships, and the ongoing pandemic continues to affect us all. Most notably, its impacts continue to widen historic chasms between individuals and the opportunities they need to thrive.

These challenges push us to work with more determination than ever. Houston Endowment has an ambitious mission to enhance the vibrancy of Greater Houston and advance equity of opportunity for the people who live here. We are proud to support our partners in developing innovative, community-led solutions for our region’s toughest problems.

Over the last two years, we have deepened our commitments in Pre-K through 12 public education and civic engagement, which we view as foundational to achieving our mission. In these areas, we’ll continue to fight to reform inequitable systems and improve policies and processes. Solving these challenges will require significant dollars, time and persistence, but we are committed for the long run.

We remain strong supporters of our city’s cultural assets and civic amenities as they play a pivotal role in connecting us to each other and to this region we call home. And as always, we maintain dry powder and flexibility to respond to rapidly emerging community needs or opportunities.

In combination with our financial assets, we are dedicated to working alongside our community partners to amplify our collective impact. The Endowment’s staff members bring a wealth of expertise in their respective fields. This year, we expanded our program team to bolster support for our deepening commitments to public education and civic engagement. Our team will continue to collaborate with our partners and convene community members around key issues. After all, the challenges that face Houstonians today can only be solved if we work together to drive lasting change.

We’re optimistic about the new year and confident that 2022 will bring immense opportunity. In Fall of 2022, Houston Endowment will move from our current offices downtown into our new home—a beautiful and much more accessible building overlooking Spotts Park. We look forward to opening our doors, welcoming in our community partners, and creating new ways to champion equity and vibrancy across our city.

All the Best,

Ann B. Stern
President and CEO