Small Elections Offer Big Opportunities to Shape Our Community

May is a critical month for Texans. On May 7, voters have the opportunity to decide on special Constitutional amendments, local propositions, school board issues, and city representatives. In addition, on May 24, they can select final primary candidates in a runoff for November’s general election.

Local elections shape critical quality of life issues, such as education, safety, and infrastructure.  Yet turnout is lower in local elections than in any other. A recent Texas Tribune analysis highlighted the stakes in a jaw-dropping headline, “3% of Texans [decide] who governs the other 97%.”

This region is our home, and voting is one the most important ways to shape it for our collective best interests. At Houston Endowment, we wake up every day with a vision for all Greater Houston residents to have the information and opportunity to participate in decisions that impact their lives.

We encourage all voters to cast their ballots in local elections this month. Your vote will shape the future our community.

  • May 7, 2022 – Uniform Election (Special Constitutional Amendments and local political issues)
  • May 24, 2022 – Primary Runoff Election

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Houston Endowment Civic Engagement Team
Meghna Goswami, Program Director
Kelly Opot, Program Officer